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SAFECAM QuatroV1 4-Channel Dashcam

SAFECAM QuatroV1 4-Channel Dashcam

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Introducing our game-changing 4-Channel Dashcam! 🚗🎥 Be the first to experience the power of all 4 lenses in stunning 1080P resolution. Say goodbye to blind spots and get maximum coverage with our innovative design. 



Unleash Versatile Recording: With 90° vertical and 180° horizontal rotation, the SAFECAM QuatroV1's left and right lenses capture every angle effortlessly, ensuring no detail is missed.

Rain-Resistant Full HD Rear Lens: QuatroV1 features a rain-resistant 1080P Full HD rear lens, ensuring crystal-clear footage in any weather condition. Don't let rain or shine compromise your recording quality.

Crystal-Clear Recording Day and Night: The QuatroV1 guarantees excellent video quality at all times. Whether it's daytime or nighttime, this dashcam captures sharp and detailed footage in any lighting condition. With the QuatroV1, you can rely on its reliable Full HD recording to capture every important moment on the road, no matter when it happens.



Expanded Field of View: Experience the QuatroV1 difference with its additional left and right lenses. Unlike traditional dashcams that only capture the front and rear views, the QuatroV1 offers a wider perspective by including the sides of your vehicle. With this expanded field of view, you can have a comprehensive recording of your surroundings, providing you with crucial evidence and added protection. 





Take full control of your dashcam with the WiFi In-App Control feature of the QuatroV1. Simply connect your smartphone to the dashcam via WiFi and enjoy the convenience of easily downloading or sharing recordings. 



Enhanced Safety and Convenience for E-Hailing and Everyday Drivers


The left and right lenses can rotate and become Cabin cam.

For E-Hailing Drivers: The Cabin cam helps you keep an eye on passengers, promoting good behavior and preventing any problems during rides. If there are disputes or incidents, the Cabin cam provides clear proof to help resolve conflicts, protecting your rights as a driver and ensuring fair outcomes. 

For Everyday Drivers: The Cabin cam deters theft, vandalism, and potential threats, giving you added protection for yourself and your vehicle. When dealing with authorities, the Cabin cam helps you assert your rights and record interactions, ensuring a fair process while staying within the law.



Ultimate Parking Protection: With the SAFECAM QuatroV1's 24-Hour Time Lapse Parking Guard, your vehicle is under constant surveillance, unlike other dashcams that only record the front and rear. Our innovative dashcam captures footage from the front, rear, left, and right lenses simultaneously, providing complete coverage during parking. 

Say goodbye to the frustration of finding scratches or dents on your car without knowing who caused them. The QuatroV1's advanced parking guard feature ensures that every angle around your vehicle is recorded, allowing you to easily identify any incidents or damages.

(** 24-H Type C Hardwire Kit is needed & sold separately.)




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Warranty Period and Claim Process

The warranty period is valid for a certain duration.

SAFECAM A33 - 6 months
SAFECAM V20 - 12 months
SAFECAM V40 - 12 months
SAFECAM V50 - 12 months
SAFECAM QuatroV1 - 12 months

To claim warranty, simply send the product back to our headquarters. Our office will inspect and send a replacement set. We will cover all postage costs. You can reach us at

Installing SAFECAM

We provide a full set of accessories that are plug-and-play. After receiving your order, we will send tutorial videos on how to install, use, and configure the dashcam.

How many days for delivery?

We have ready stock available. For Peninsular Malaysia, delivery usually takes 1-3 working days.

For Sabah and Sarawak, delivery usually takes 5-7 working days.

A tracking number will be provided after shipment, so you can track your package.