Tutorial SAFECAM X300

Thank you for purchasing SAFECAM X300 



Please refer to photos and tutorial videos below:


**IMPORTANT** X300 might found some Error when First Time Setup (mostly about Memory card or Car charger), all we need to do is press the "OK" button at the bottom right of the dashcam.  And please FORMAT sd card when 1st use)




1. Please remove the plastic protector on X300 front lens (there is a layer of plastic to protect the new dashcam lens).


2. Please remove the plastic protector of the Inner cam. There is a layer of screen protector on the screen too, it is optional to remove the screen protector. 


3. How to insert memory card into the dashcam. 

Insert the memory card in the correct direction, then press the memory card into the slot until you hear a "click" sound.


4. How to connect X300 with phone app, playback recorded video, and download recorded video into our phone. 



The best settings we recommended for SAFECAM X300


Best settings for SAFECAM X300

✅ Never full memory, oldest video will auto-deleted

✅ Never stop recording itself

✅ Never auto On & Off itself


How to enter setting menu

(1) Press the "OK" button to pause the recording

(2) Press and HOLD the “M” button at the bottom of dashcam FOR 2 SECONDS to enter Setting Menu


Our recommended best settings: 

Press the “OK” button to select


Resolution: 1080P

Cyclic Record: 1 Minute /3 Minutes / 5 Minutes 
(this is the Loop Recording, to set how long for each video clip. If we set 1 Minutes, then the dashcam will separate the recording into 1 minute per clip. When memory card going to full, it will auto delete the oldest clip)


Time-lapse recording: This feature only functions after using a 24-hour hardwire kit.


LCD Brightness: On / Off
(if turn this to On, screen will turn off after the selected time period, but the dashcam remain recording as usual)


Recording: On / Off
(voice recording inside the car)


(we suggest only turn it On when you need to connect dashcam with phone app)


Gravity sensing: Off
(this feature will lock videos when we emergency break our car. Those locked videos cannot be auto-deleted, and memory card might become full when it is full of locked videos)


Parking Guard: Off
(the dashcam might auto On & Off if turn this On. It will turn on using the internal battery when the dashcam feel any shaking after we turned off car engine)


Motion Detect: Off
(the dashcam will auto pause recording when there is no movement on the dashcam screen. It might cause the dashcam to stop recording when we are waiting at Traffic Light junction)


Date stamp: On 
(to display date and time when playback the recorded videos)


Date/Time: Set the date & time


Beep Sound: On / Off
(dashcam buttons beep sound volume)


License plate: Off
(to display car number plate when playback the recorded videos)


Language: English


Redlamp setting: Auto (for the best recording quality)


Frequency: 50Hz


Format: Select this when you need to format and delete all videos inside the memory card.

Default Setting: /


Version: /


24 Hours Lapse Recording is function with Hardwire Kit Connection. Can Please Refer to Below Setting.


Time-lapse recording: Turn ON

This feature only functions after using a 24-hour hardwire kit.




How to install SAFECAM X300