Thank you for purchasing SAFECAM M40 / M40 PRO 

Please refer to photos and tutorial videos below:


1. Please remove the plastic protector on M40 / M40 PRO front lens (there is a layer of plastic to protect the new dashcam lens).



2. There is a layer of screen protector on the screen too, it is recommended to remove the screen protector. 



3. How to insert memory card into the dashcam. 


M40 PRO comes with WIFI feature

4. How to connect M40 PRO with phone app, playback recorded video, and download recorded video into our phone. 





The best settings we recommended for SAFECAM M40 / M40 PRO


Best settings for SAFECAM M40 / M40 PRO

✅ Never full memory, oldest video will auto-deleted

✅ Never stop recording itself

✅ Never auto On & Off itself





Our recommended best settings:

Resolution: 1080P


Dual: Open 

(to enable both Front & Rear record at the same time)

Cycle: 1MIN / 3MIN / 5MIN 
(this is the Loop Recording, to set how long for each video clip. If we set 1MIN, then the dashcam will separate the recording into 1 minute per clip. When memory card going to full, it will auto delete the oldest clip)


HDR: Close / Open 


Exposure: 0


License: Close


Watermark: Open

(to display date and time in the video)    


Gravity: Off
(this feature will lock videos when we emergency break our car. Those locked videos cannot be auto-deleted, and memory card might become full when it is full of locked videos)


Sound: On / Off
(voice recording inside the car)


Guard: Off
(the dashcam might auto On & Off if turn this On. It will turn on using the internal battery when the dashcam feel any shaking after we turned off car engine)






Our recommended best settings:

Protection: On / Off
(if turn this to On, screen will turn off, but the dashcam remain recording as usual)


Auto-Shutdown: Off
(if turn this to On, dashcam will auto turn off)


Frequency: 50Hz


Key Sound: Open / Close

(sound when touch on the screen)


Language: English


Date/Time: Set the date & time


License: Car number plate


Format: Select this when you need to format and delete all videos inside the memory card.


Default: /


Stream Media: Open


Version: /



How to install SAFECAM M40 / M40 PRO


Dashcam we show in the video might be different model, but the self installation steps are basically the same. Can use a car key to push the cable into the space of black rubber beside car doors.